New work with Jason Silva

I had an opportunity to meet Jason Silva after he delivered the keynote at this year’s Seattle Interactive Conference. His enthusiasm for his ideas is absolutely contagious. Jason told me he liked the sound design of our SIC 2012 teaser video so much, that he wanted me to cut his next “cinematic espresso shot.” What’s not to love about someone in love with bold ideas?

The results of our collaboration are now complete, and judging by the number of views (more than 5,000 plays in the first three days) it could well become the most popular video I’ve had a hand in making yet.

This was pretty much an editor’s dream gig: an open-ended opportunity to freely interpret huge ideas with awesome stock footage (most of it from and sound effects (most from Sound Ideas – a great company from my old stomping grounds in Richmond Hill, Canada). I even managed to sneak in one of my own shots. Can you guess which one?

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