New work: commercial video shot on canon t2i

I shot this 1-minute commercial video with my Canon T2i on a Redrockmicro EyeSpy with follow focus. I also used a Glidetrack, and mostly Nikon glass used with Fotodiox adapters. I also directed and edited the piece, which I made for a Seattle startup.

My favorite clip is the lengthy slow-motion clip of the girls twirling around on the twisty playground ride. For that, I shot at 60p, which I conformed to 24 in Cinema Tools, before importing into Final Cut. I mounted the camera to the ride using a Manfrotto Magic Arm, which was rock solid.

I’m starting another commercial project for University of Washington on Tuesday, in which I’ll putting my T2i to work to show how special-needs kids are finding friendship and community with “typically developing” kids in one of the school of education’s programs.

4 thoughts on “New work: commercial video shot on canon t2i

  1. Derek Keyeski


    looks great. I’m putting together a cam package with my T2i also. Any push back from clients and fellow colleagues on using such a “low end” (inexpensive) camera for the production.

    I’ve heard of one such story secondhand, where the client told the DP a 7D was not enough camera for his shoot… the DP had to go out and rent a DVcam.

    1. Dan

      I haven’t had any client pushback – they don’t care what I shoot with as long as the results are awesome. But other professionals sure look down their nose at me! Especially at camera rental shops, when I’m picking up lenses that I’m renting, and I get quips like “What? You’re shooting that on a REBEL?” My answer is, “I’m not buying these cameras for their still capabilities. I want them for ONE thing, and one thing only: video. And since the T2i video is essentially identical to the 7d, why would I pay twice as much money for the 7d? I wouldn’t. I’d buy a second T2i.

  2. Richard

    Some people just want big cameras to make them feel important. I have a Panasonic AG-HMC150, and my Canon T2i with a 24mm 1.4 prime and 50mm 1.2 prime can do things the $2,700+ Panasonic just can’t do.

    Sure, the Panasonic is better for some things, but when you are on a budget, and have a little more flexibility, the T2i can shoot amazing footage.

    1. Dan

      I’m totally envious of your 24mm 1.4 prime, Richard. Do you have a link to some footage you’ve shot with it? I’d love to see it. If I’m going to add one lens to my set, that one would be it.


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