My 24-min film about entrepreneurship, SHINE, is now online

I’m pleased to announce that my first film is now watchable online. I made this film with co-director Ben Medina, from whom I learned much of what I know about filmmaking. It’s a talkumentary about the elation, fears, dreams, and tears that accompany anyone on the entrepreneur’s path.

We had a nice review of shine today on, who sent a reporter to our premier of the film which happened Sunday evening at a small theater in Seattle.

Through intimate interviews with entrepreneurs, experts, and educators, the journey of entrepreneurship unfolds revealing the challenges, pitfalls, rewards and successes of self employment. SHINE encourages you to ask yourself what kind of entrepreneur you are, and inspires you to think about what kind of entrepreneur you want to be.

The film includes interviews with typical entrepreneurs as well as a handful of high-profile entrepreneurs including iStockphoto founder Bruce Livingstone and Scott Shane, a professor at Case Western Reserve and author of 13 books about entrepreneurship.

4 thoughts on “My 24-min film about entrepreneurship, SHINE, is now online

    1. Dan McComb

      Hi Kort, I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. My recent work is very different. I kind of feel like we used to feel at UM – like the camera is the key to unlocking a world of creative possibilities. Filmmaking really brought the magic back for me. If you ever make it out to Seattle please look me up – it would be fun to catch up.

  1. Todd

    Great interviews, but I had to hide the video and listen to the audio only. The tops of everyone’s head is cut off! Very awkward to try to watch!


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