It's a wrap

Last scene in Beyond Naked

As the sun lingered above the horizon on the longest day of the year, we filmed the final scene in Beyond Naked. Golden Gardens seemed like a fitting place to say goodbye to each other, and hello to summer.

It feels like we’ve come such a long way together. From the stillness of the opening scene shot six months ago on Dec. 21, to the thunderous climax of the Solstice Parade last Saturday, we’ve followed the arc of the sun. As it turns a corner, so do we.

By coincidence, Apple released a long-anticipated new version of Final Cut Pro, the editing software we’ll be using to cut this film, on the same day. It’s time for Lisa and I to put down our cameras, and put on our editing hats.

What sort of story will we find in the footage? We had help on Saturday from 42 amazing volunteers, who shot hours of yet unseen footage, which is freshly stored on our hard drives, like a present waiting to be opened. From inside that footage, as the sun travels south, we’ll pull the threads story. And on December 21, this film will be completed. And the sun will start this way once more.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this film: the four brave people we’ve been following, the dozens of people who helped cover the parade, and the 166 backers who funded our successful Kickstarter campaign. When it’s finished, I hope it makes you laugh, and cry, and more willing to do one thing every day that scares you.

One thought on “It's a wrap

  1. Daniel Bell

    Hey Dan,

    Just wanted tp say congrats, and I’m very much looking forward to the finished video (I’ve been following this site since I bought your Petrol bag).
    Just don’t forget to get up and move around, go for a walk, jump rope, and generally get out of your chair once in a while during the editing 🙂

    Dan, from Tucson


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