For Sale: Ikelite W-20 Underwater Wide Angle Conversion Lens with 67mm Thread

This wide angle conversion lens enables super wide underwater shots when using Ikelite underwater housings that accept 67mm thread. The lens surface has one blemish, which hasn’t had any visible affect on footage we’ve shot with the lens. However, be aware that the glass is not flawless (see flaw in photo below):

The lens retails new for $359 – we’re selling this one for a killer deal at $150. Contact Dan McComb at with questions or to purchase.


The Ikelite W-20 is a high quality wide-angle conversion lens that works on many housings with ports that have a 67mm thread. The lens has a magnification of 0.56x.

Enjoy increased clarity and enhanced color that result from widening your camera lens angle of coverage and getting closer to your subject. The Ikelite W-20 can be removed and replaced while underwater for maximum versatility.

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