Focusing on food

Big, naturally lit locations help make food pop in Nordstrom restaurant recruiting video

Nordstrom has released a restaurant recruiting video that I had the pleasure of shooting for director Kent Worthington a few months back in Seattle and LA.

For this project we shot documentary style, moving quickly. Almost all of the shots used available lighting, which in our LA locations was absolutely beautiful, north-facing window light. Whoever designed the two LA restaurants was obviously thinking about light, and it shows in the clips.

I used a Sony FS5 with Atomos Inferno to shoot in SLOG-2 at 4K DCI.

Lenses were vintage Zeiss primes, with the 100mm Planar Makro seeing a lot of action.

2 thoughts on “Focusing on food

  1. James

    Excellent work. What was your thoughts on going with S-Log2 over S-Log3?

    I suppose if you know it’s in a more-or-less controlled lighting environment, you wouldn’t need something that can deal with the extremes of harsh outdoor light and shadow (hence the case to use S-Log3).

  2. Dan McComb Post author

    Hi James,
    I pick SLOG-2 primarily because it’s a better match when recording raw to the Atomos Shogun Inferno. I’ve shot both Slog 2 and 3, and I do prefer to shoot 3, but the difference is pretty small. But I’m told SLOG-2 is better when shooting internally in 8-bit 4k on FS5, and I know it’s better monitoring-wise with the FS5 and Shogun. So that’s why I tend to use it all the time now over SLOG-3.


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