Final Cut Pro X crashes a lot…and why I don't care

Just a moment ago I wanted to search through all of the events on an entire disk for a particular video clip, so I clicked on the disk icon in the event browser. After a few moments spent trying to read all of the events into ram, FCPX crashed.

It’s not a totally rare occurrence. Final Cut Pro X crashes. A lot. But I don’t care. Why? Because when I start it back up again, it puts me right back where I left off. Same window layout, same everything. This amazing app doesn’t even have a save button: it just saves everything automatically, right up to the moment. So the only thing I lose from the crash is the few seconds it takes (on my iMac 27″ ssd-equiped 16-megs of ram speed racer) to reboot.

I look forward to a more stable FCPX, of course, but for now, if the price of admission to this dreamy, freakishly fast, multi-tasking wonder is a few moments every now and again of rebooting, it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

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