DroboPro isci connection woes continue

I’ve had my replacement DroboPro humming along nicely for a few days, but today marks the end of all that happiness. This afternoon, the same thing began happening as before with this new unit: while I’m working, it’s somehow partly disconnecting or actually disconnecting, causing my apps to freeze. The funny thing is that the Drobo remains visible in the finder. All my apps freeze up and get the spinning beachball of death whenever I try to navigate into the file structure below one or two levels down.

I’m almost certain that this is an iscsi problem, because this never happens with firewire 800. But I hate using fw800; it’s too slow for me to edit hd video on.

Guess it might be time to get that new Thunderbolt drive sooner rather than later.

4 thoughts on “DroboPro isci connection woes continue

  1. Sascha


    have you ever got this fixed? I have the exact same problem and Drobo support hasn’t been able to do something about it for more than a month now.

    1. Dan McComb

      Hi Sascha,
      I’ve resigned myself to expecting nothing more than Firewire 800 connectivity out of my DroboPro. It’s maddening, because it will work for awhile, but eventually things freeze up, forcing a hard reboot. As far as I can tell, iscsi on drobo simply isn’t a viable option for editing hd video. A fine backup solution and good for storing archived footage, but not for editing on directly if you want to edit full HD. I’m definitely going to buy a Pegasus Promise Thunderbolt raid, but have to wait until my next commercial gig to afford it.

  2. Sascha


    after much tinkering around myself with this issue, I finally stumbeled across something today.

    are you, by any chance, using the Backblaze online backup service?

    If so, disable that and try your iSCSI connection again.

  3. Mark Corliss

    I’ve been following your site since Penny Kimmel let me know about it. The last comment above made me think that the problem with your Dobro might have something to do with some program trying to communicate with the net while you’re editing. I wonder if it’s _just_ Backblaze versus a new internet protocol? Just wanted to suggest that. Good luck with your flick.


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