DocForest is September 14-16

Seattle documentary filmmakers will gather again this year for SeaDocs annual meetup in the Kitsap Peninsula. It’ll happen Friday, Sept. 14 through Sunday the 16th. There will be lots of opportunities to screen your work in progress and get feedback from a supportive audience. And the location is magical: the Kitsap Mountaineers’ Forest Theater. Camping will be available, as well as summer-camp style cabins.

Lisa Cooper and I have been invited to teach a 90-minute workshop about DSLR filmmaking, which we’re looking forward to. We’ll cover all the basics: the DSLR’s strengths and weaknesses, how to resolve the challenges of dual-sound recording, how to get a big-film look on a lunch-money budget, and much more.

I’m told more details will be posted on the SeaDocs Facebook page as they become available.

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