Why Inclusion Matters

When the Seattle School District cut funding for a beloved special education program, teachers and families were shocked. Then, they rolled up their sleeves and started a campaign to save it. This is the story of why inclusion matters at the University of Washington’s Experimental Education Unit.

I produce a video every year to support the EEU’s annual fundraiser. This video is screened at the beginning of the event, to help set the stage for fundraising. In other words, to prepare participants to open their wallets a little deeper. So the point of these pieces is to tell a human story. This year, we had a potentially awful story to tell, but one that has a very happy ending, thanks to the efforts of teachers and parents.

Technical notes: Traveling shots made with DJI Osmo; interviews and b-roll Sony FS5 in SLOG3. Interview mic: Audix SCX1-HC.

3 thoughts on “Why Inclusion Matters

  1. Sean Stiller

    Really nicely done! Great colours from the FS5 also.

    I see you’re using the Audix for interviews, how’s your experience with it? I’ve got an NTG-3 that I’m using as an all-around at the moment, but I know it’s not necessarily the best solution for indoor dialogue, esp. where there’s echo/reverb to contend with. Have you found it to be a reliable solution?


    1. Dan McComb Post author

      Hi Sean,
      I became aware of this mic from professional sound recordists I work with. I ask them “what mic is that?” And I keep hearing “It’s the Audix SCX1-HC.” They call it “the poor man’s Schoeps.” A $500 mic that sounds like a $2,000 mic. For real? I looked on Ebay one day and saw one going for about $300, good as new, so I bought it. I’ve been using it ever since for interior dialog. Thrilled with this mic.

      1. Sean Stiller

        Excellent! I was also a bit skeptical about what I was hearing vis-a-vis the price of the mic. Is it safe to say it handles room echo/reverb quite respectably?


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