Ship glidetrack/tripod inexpensively with military surplus plastic cases

I’m gearing up to do some serious traveling with my camera gear, and discovered that plastic shipping cases big enough to together hold my tripod and Glidetrack cost nearly as much as the equipment it’s designed to protect. So I did some digging on ebay, and hit gold: these military surplus shipping tubes costs just $34 each.

They’re are a perfect fit for a Glidetrack (with feet removed) and most HD video tripods. With shipping, which is a bit spendy for these oversize items, the total came to just under $60. Compare that to the least expensive Tuffpak case I could find on B&H, which will set you back $249.

4 thoughts on “Ship glidetrack/tripod inexpensively with military surplus plastic cases

  1. Steven Bradford

    Another good alternative is hard clamshell golf club cases. But not the cheapest ones, those fall apart easily. I like the clamshell ones because it’s much easier to remove the tripod or slider from the tube.

  2. Dan McComb

    I am so open to alternatives right now, because I just took delivery of my new Vinten Vision Blue tripod, and discovered it won’t fit in this case. Fucker! That’s what I get for putting the case before the horse.

    1. Dan McComb

      I was able to carry both, but I had to detach the end stops of the Glidetrack to fit it in, which is super easy with an allen wrench – just two bolts. If you’re looking to buy, I’d gladly sell you mine – I recently switched to a golf club case so that I can carry even more stuff (c-stand, light stands). Shoot me an email to if interested.


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