Seattle Tech Meetup

We created a trailer for the fast-growing Seattle Tech Meetup, an event hosted by Red Russak and Brett Greene. The event is pushing 250 attendees, and is a great place to meet like-minded people in the tech and entrepreneur space. RSVP for the April meetup right away if you want to go – it’s guaranteed to be fully booked.

This was my first project using Davinci Resolve for the color grade. My experience: wow, it’s powerful, but it’s not trivial to learn. Favorite feature: power window tracking!

The dreamy shallow depth of field was accomplished with an old 35mm Nikkor f/1.4 thorium lens (everything shot at f/2.0 after much testing), which reaches is full-frame potential on my 5dmkiii.

5 thoughts on “Seattle Tech Meetup

  1. Michael G.

    Very nice vid. I have a Nikon 50mm lens that I’ve been wanting to try out for some interviews.

    I sometimes get the call to do event work. Audio can be an issue when doing interviews like you did. What mic did you use?

    1. Dan McComb

      Hi Michael,
      It was extremely loud in that environment, with about 250 people all taking at once during the interviews, so the key was getting the mic as close as possible but not in the frame. We used a Sennheiser 8060 with a selectable attenuator set to -20db. It was handheld by the director using a pistol grip shock mount.

      A 50mm would have worked well in that environment. But I rather liked the context that the 35mm provided in this instance. At 2.0 on full frame, you get the setting, but without distracting details.

  2. Michael G

    Good to know. I’m very interested that mic. I got an ME66 as an entry. Now looking to upgrade. What did you use to attenuate?


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