Time ramping in Final Cut Pro X: so easy I can do it

Time ramping. It’s been on my to-do list of “things to learn how to do in Final Cut” but never had time to face the fat tutorial. So this afternoon I thought I’d give it a shot in Final Cut Pro X, sans tutorial. It turns out to be ridiculously simple. Just click the magic wand icon (not kidding), select whether you want it to ramp up from 0 or down to 0, click, and you’re done.

This clip is all cut from time lapse footage that was shot slower than it should have been, so that it played back pretty jerky at 24p. I started out by slowing it to 50 percent using the incredible Optical Flow mode, which takes awhile to process, but the results are stunning, almost liquid. Then I sliced up the image and did some zooming on it to get the different close up views. Then I ramped the first clip from zero, and the last one to zero.

The difference between the old version of Final Cut and this new one is the difference between knowing you CAN do something, and actually doing it.

2 thoughts on “Time ramping in Final Cut Pro X: so easy I can do it

  1. Grant Hodgeon

    Hey, Dan.

    Just wanted to say you’ve got a great blog, nice to see some techniques and examples, it’s making me itch to use my 5D II’s video a little more.

    Keep up the good work!



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