Quinault Rainforest

Lisa and I spent a couple days hiking in the rainforest around Lake Quinault this week with our cameras and a set of old Nikon prime lenses (Lens used were Nikon 85mm f/1.8, Nikon 20mm f/4, and Nikon 35mm f/1.4).

It’s a magical place full of visual intrigue. Home to six of the largest trees in the world, it was a perfect place to put my new 5D MKIII to work. I’ll be posting more about the camera, particularly from a video perspective, after I’ve spent more time with it. For now, some stills.

6 thoughts on “Quinault Rainforest

  1. Jim Dickeson

    Dan, these are stunning. I often say that the photos I take are never as good as actually being there. But I think you’ve nailed it. And we didn’t have to get wet.

    Can I use these? For nothing more than attribution?

    Did you notice the slugs in the first shot of mushrooms.

    1. Dan McComb

      Hi Jim,

      Glad you like. What type of use do you have in mind? I’m fine with noncommercial use with attribution, and for commercial use happy to negotiate something affordable for you.

      I did notice the slug – but not until after I took the photo. That was a fun surprise when I was editing later.

  2. Jim Dickeson

    No immediate use (except maybe my desktop), but I’d like to have them in a library for future potential use. And that would be commercial – not to resell, but to include in my work product. Happy to touch base with you then when/if that happens.

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