Project V Distillery

Here’s the first in a new series of videos we’re making about local, handcrafted goods produced in the Seattle area. This one spotlights Project V, which began speakeasy style with a small still in Mo Heck’s garage. The code name for the project was “Project V”— for vodka. “It kinda got outta hand,” says Mo. “We would show up at parties and our booze would get there before us.” Two years ago they went legit and are now making some of the finest handcrafted vodka in the Seattle region.

Halfway through this shoot, I released my 5dmkiii from the tripod and gave it to Lisa, who has much more steady hands than I, so she could pick up a couple shots. Unfortunately, I failed to check my shutter speed after she gave it back, and the rest of the shoot was acquired at 160th/sec shutter. The upside: the droplets of water look great! The downside, of course, is that shots with motion are juddery and lack cinematic smoothness.

I lit this primarily with a couple of 650-watt Arri fresnels, with a 250-watt Lowel Pro-light for a kicker. I lit the walls with shop lights they had on location.

We teamed up with sound recordist Brian Olson for this shoot, and it was a pleasure to be able to just forget about sound and not even think about it, knowing that he was on it. We’re thrilled with the results can’t wait to work with Brian again.

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