Coming soon: killer screening room

Coming soon: killer screening room

It’s my wife’s birthday on Dec. 30th. And it’s a big one: she’s turning 39 … for the second time. It was tough for me to find a birthday present to equal the weight of this event, but I found one: I’m painting the entire upstairs of our home in the colors of her choice. That’s something we’ve been putting off since we bought the place nearly 7 years ago. And after spending the last three weeks splattered in paint, I know WHY we’ve been putting it off: it’s a ridiculous amount of work. But damn, it’s looking good, and the end is finally in sight.

To complete the transformation of our upstairs, we found an amazing, huge sectional couch on Craigslist, and hired can-do Seattle contractor Bruce Blessing, whose been doing great work for us for several years,┬áto install some killer lighting. We’ll have it all done in time for Lara’s birthday bash here on the 30th.

As it turns out, I have a secret motivation in doing all of this: to create an amazing screening room for documentary films. The more I work on my own films, the more I appreciate the great work that other filmmakers have done and are doing, and I’m tired of watching them on my laptop. We’ve got a projector that shoots an 8-foot picture, and I just upgraded our internet to 12 mps. Netflix documentary queue, here we come.

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