Nordstrom's windows

Our most recent commercial piece is up today on Nordstrom’s Facebook Page. Lisa and I shot this piece primarily with three GoPros, all running concurrently in timelapse mode, one frame every two seconds. We repositioned the cameras a couple times to get more angles covered. But I think what makes it especially fun is the very brief moments of dslr footage intercut with it.

Some frame grabs:

3 thoughts on “Nordstrom's windows

  1. Bob Krist

    Very cool and lots of fun! Are you de-flickering and doing all that kind of stuff to your timelapses? They look great. And the music works perfectly too. Kudos!

    1. Dan McComb

      Hi Bob,
      Thank you. I didn’t do any deflickering at all on this. Nordstrom wanted a raw look, so using the GoPros pretty much assured that. Those little cameras are spray and pray, everything autoexposure, including auto white balance, which is riding all over the place in these shots. I think when you use a serene piece of music like classical tracks that you often see accompanying astro timelapses is where deflickering can become necessary. If you don’t want to go to all the headache of deflickering, just cut to a funky, jumpy music track and suddenly it looks intentional.


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