New work: short web video for Columbia City's BeatWalk

I shot this wonderful pro-bono gig over several BeatWalk evenings this summer, and then got busy and couldn’t find time to edit it until 4 am this morning – 5 hours before the Beatwalk board was meeting to review it. I made the deadline…although I didn’t have the color corrected and audio sweetened version wrapped until this evening. Anyway, it’s done, I like it, and best of all, the client likes it. Sigh, without deadlines, I’d never get anything done. Next!

Special thanks to BeatWalk organizer Julie Dillon, who produced the video and recorded audio for me.

Producer – Julie Dillon, BeatWalk Coordinator
Voice 1 – Darryl Smith, BeatWalk founder and current Deputy Mayor of Seattle
Voice 2 – Andrea Davis, Columbia City Citizen
Interview – Oleg Ruvinov, Musician, New Age Flamenco
Recording Studio – Columbia City Theater

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3 thoughts on “New work: short web video for Columbia City's BeatWalk

  1. Joe McCarthy

    I like it too. Especially this quote: “That’s what music does – it brings you to that place where there is no judgment, no looking at ‘are they different than I am’, no ‘am I better they are’ … you just let go.”



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