Miguel Gomes in Seattle tonight for NW Film Forum screening

It’s like the people at NW Film Forum have been reading my mind lately. First, they bring Vincent Moon to town, and he puts on a workshop that blows me away. Now Miguel Gomes is in town for a screening of “Our Beloved Month of August.” I put that film on the top of my “must see” list after reading the Sept. 2 NY Times review of the film, which noted how artfully it plows the rich territory between documentary and fiction. Only, I’m not in New York, where the 2008 film opened earlier this month, and it is nowhere to be found online, so what a delight to find that not only is it playing tonight at NW Film Forum, but the director will also be present. Can’t wait. Here’s the trailer, sans subtitles:

One thought on “Miguel Gomes in Seattle tonight for NW Film Forum screening

  1. Daniel Bean

    This film looks interesting. I didn’t know it was from Portugal at first. I actually speak Brazilian Portuguese, but the accent from Portugal is so different that I can never understand it. So I’m like…I understand some things they are saying but the rest sounds so weird…Anyways it will be interesting to see how they mix documentary and fiction.

    Something I was thinking about delving into more is Italian Neorealism. They used nonprofessional actors and shoot everything on location, so in that regard it’s a little more like documentary than most dramatic films. I thought it would be interesting to try to pull it off.


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