Eye-Fi SD cards: almost live documentary filmmaking?

Check this out. Some clever engineers at a company called Eye-Fi have apparently figured out how to cram wi-fi capabilities into a class 6 SD card, and are claiming that this allows you to automatically download photos and video as you capture it. They call it “Endless Memory” mode. But what snaps me to attention about this isn’t the fact that I might no longer need to carry a fistful of SD cards on shoots. What’s really interesting is the possibility that one person with a video camera and an iPhone could theoretically broadcast in an almost live mode. That is, using these, it should be possible to download video as you shoot it to your iPhone, and have your iPhone configured to then automatically post video to your blog or social media.

Obviously most people wouldn’t want to dump everything as they shoot it straight to their Facebook profile. Everybody needs an editor. But if you were filming, say, in a sensitive situation where there was a chance of having your “film” confiscated, this could give you a lot of peace of mind. Like if you were James Longly filming last year’s election in Iran, for example (provided he were using a camera like my JVC HM100, which uses class 6 SD cards). How cool would it be to just shoot shoot shoot while posting your files to your hard drive back home?

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