Essential workshop: Warren Etheredge's The Art of the Interview

Warren Etheredge of The High Bar is doing it again. He’s hosting another one of his The Art of the Interview workshops on April 29.

If you’re thinking about making a documentary, you’d be crazy not to stop whatever you’re doing and go. I went twice. And Warren’s advice and examples carried me all the way through my first feature-length doc. You’ll learn answers to questions like: should I prepare questions in advance? How to keep the conversation moving? Should I interrupt? How?

UPDATE: Warren says mention that you’re a “friend of Dan” to get the $125 rate.

Here’s the full description:

In five words or fewer, you can broker a peace, inspire a book, embark on a life-long relationship. How can I be so sure? Because I have done so. Conversation is the greatest gift and the most powerful tool , but only when handled with care and tact and class.

In this unorthodox workshop, I’ll teach you how to get the most out of every interview, every conversation whether chatting with an A-list guest, a potential employer or your mom. You’ll discover why my PBS series, The High Bar (, has been nominated for its first Emmy┬« and why the BBC invited me to address students at ther College of Journalism. You’ll learn why best-seller Steven Johnson credits me for his latest “Future Perfect” and why Lewis Black still speaks to me after greeting him in a leopard-print bathrobe. You’ll discover how I put Oscar┬«-winner Jodie Foster at ease and how I got critically-beloved author Andre Dubus III to put up his dukes. You’ll learn why Al Gore’s speechwriter recognizes me as one of the three best interviewers in the country and why Cornel West may still be laughing *with* me and Woody Allen, well, not so much.

One thought on “Essential workshop: Warren Etheredge's The Art of the Interview

  1. Warren Etheredge

    Thanks, Dan. I’m flattered you found these workshops so beneficial and that, in some small way, I played a role in helping you hone your filmmaking skills. Can’t wait to screen THE METALSMITH at the Rainier Independent Film Festival in early May and am thrilled folks will get to see BEYOND NAKED at STIFF next month as well.


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