Darwin Returns to the Galapagos

I’m back from an extraordinary holiday voyage around the Galapagos archipelago. My traveling companion on the journey was none other than Charles Darwin, who spoke to me from a shelf at Archie McPhee, expressing a keen desire to make a return trip to the islands he visited 175 years ago, to “see how things have evolved.”

We had many adventures together. During the rest of this month, I’ll be posting a new photo every day from our visit to the Enchanted Isles that rocked the world.

I’m also cutting a short film shot during the trip on my Canon 60D and lovely little Canon S95 with Ikelite underwater housing, which I’ll post later this month. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Darwin Returns to the Galapagos

  1. Dan McComb

    Hi Daniel. If you like travel to epic places that will blow your mind, I highly recommend the Galapagos. It’s like you’ve time-traveled back to the fabled garden of Eden – where virtually all of the animals are fearless of man – only it’s no garden. It’s a volcanic desert with virtually no fresh water. It’s a world of it’s own, distantly related to ours, and so well preserved that it’s like visiting a theme park. Only, it’s real.

  2. Daniel Bean

    That’s freaking awesome. I can’t believe you were able to get all those creatures to pose for you. Did you bribe them with a doggy biscuit? I especially love the one with the baby sea lion. I’m originally from San Diego, and there were a few times that a herd (i’m sure that’s the wrong word) of sea lions just showed up and laid on the beach for a few days. It was an interesting phenomenon. I’d love to see a baby one up close.


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